The lane arranger

Ms Blythman said she had planted more than 350 succulent plants along the laneway in her spare time since October.

“It just looked so messy. There were broken bottles and weeds in the driveway and I thought it would just be so easy to tidy it all up,” she said.

“Everyone who lives off the laneway calls it the long garden.”

Ms Blythman, a real estate agent, said residents were mostly positive about helping with her impromptu garden.

“It was strange at first; people looked at me like I was a little bit mad,” she said.

“A couple of the old fellows turned up and I said ‘do you want to join me?’ but they were a bit slow on the uptake.”

Ms Blythman said she would like to see other residents brighten their surroundings.

“It’s easy to do and costs you virtually nothing. I’ll put a few more natives here and there. Who knows, I might find another laneway to work on,” she said.

“I brought my grandson out here last weekend to water and it really makes him aware that it doesn’t hurt to put a little bit back into the community.”