Trigg: Arnott St Christmas light display gets bigger, brighter and better every year

Kane Bullen with children Allegra (11), Hamish (8) and Rachel (5) with their Christmas lights display.
Kane Bullen with children Allegra (11), Hamish (8) and Rachel (5) with their Christmas lights display.

A CHRISTMAS lights display attracts hundreds of people to a Trigg street each year.

Kane Bullen has been running the festive attraction for the past seven years and has become known for the spectacular display.

“We have been doing our display since 2010, at which time there weren’t many homes doing Christmas lights synchronised to music in Perth, so we thought that it would be a good idea,” he said.

“It started as a hobby, getting back into electronics which I hadn’t done since I was a kid.

“However it has grown into a local social event where we see so many of our neighbours and people that come from all over the city.

“We can’t go anywhere from October onwards without someone asking us if we’re doing the lights again this year.”

Mr Bullen spent several hundred hours constructing the display in the first couple of years and can now set it up within a few days.

The Bullen family’s Arnott St light display.

He said the most time was spent synchronising the lights and music.

“This can take 30 or more hours for a single minute of music, so can take up a lot of time,” he said.

“You can park your car across the road and tune your radio into 98.1 to hear the music – or the kids can come across and have a dance.”

It has helped raise more than $10,000 for charities Red Nose and Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“We have had the misfortune of having our child in neonatal intensive care at PMH, and they do such a good job that we felt it was a great idea to support them,” he said.

“The team at Red Nose do an amazing job to support grieving families so we also wanted to help them as well, both with fundraising and awareness.”

Visit the display at 130 Arnott Street, Trigg from 7pm to 10pm nightly until December 26.

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