Tuart Hill musician plays private gig for dying fan

Toby Beard plays for Kathrine and David Henderson.
Toby Beard plays for Kathrine and David Henderson.

DAVID Henderson is “forever grateful” for a private concert Tuart Hill musician Toby Beard played for his dying wife.

Mr Henderson and his Danish wife Kathrine, previously of Greenwood, moved to Gjern in Denmark two years ago.

The couple had planned to attend the Skagen Festival in July to see their favourite musician, Tuart Hill-based Toby Beard, but Mrs Henderson was too ill with cancer.

David and Kathrine Henderson.

“Carol, my previous wife, contacted Toby when she heard she was over here and asked if it would be possible to visit us,” Mr Henderson said.

“Without any hesitation, Toby said yes.

“I will be forever grateful for this visit.”

Beard and band members Jarrad Van Dort, Josse Sharrard and Caroline Kamp were driving from Germany to Denmark’s northern-most point and agreed to visit the Hendersons at their home on July 5.

They were told Mrs Henderson had only weeks left to live.

“It was so shocking to find out that Kat was only three years older than me,” Beard said.

“I sat with Kat and it was kind of just an instant connection. It felt like we were old friends.”

Jarrad Van Dort, Josse Sharrard and Toby Beard.

The band played a set of Mrs Henderson’s favourite songs, surrounded by her family and close friends, and Beard said it was “impossible not to cry”.

“It was a very painful, horribly sad, beautiful, magical experience,” she said.

“It felt the whole time like a real honour.”

Mrs Henderson died four days later on July 9.

Her husband described her as the love of his life and was thankful to Beard and her band for being part of their life for a short period.

“The joy you brought to Kat and myself will be with me forever,” he said.

“Words can never express the happiness you brought into our home in that most difficult of times.”

But Beard said the musicians were grateful for the opportunity and believed the love between Mr and Mrs Henderson, and the efforts of his former wife showed “how strong relationships are”.

“We can do very, very small things that can really impact someone’s life and it doesn’t have to cost lots of money or time,” she said.

“We can do something more.”

Beard next plays at The Ellington Jazz Club on September 27 and The Carine on September 30.