Tyzack weighs in on Stirling election

Tyzack weighs in on Stirling election

FORMER Stirling mayor Terry Tyzack has advised voters to “do their due diligence” when choosing from Stirling’s “Melbourne Cup field” of mayoral candidates.

For the first time, Stirling’s mayor will be elected directly by the people – on October 19 – instead of by fellow councillors.

As revealed in last week’s Times, incumbent Mark Irwin is up against councillors David Lagan, Elizabeth Re and former mayor Adam Spagnolo.

“It’s good that ratepayers now have an opportunity to choose the leader of the council,” Mr Tyzack said.

“And I just hope that they take that opportunity seriously and do their due diligence on the candidates.”

Mr Tyzack, who succeeded Tony Vallelonga as mayor, said he supported a popularly elected mayor to avoid division on the council but wondered if harmony would result from so many on the council putting their hand up for the top post.

“If everybody around the table thinks they’re mayoral material, you’ve got to question that,” he said.

“My experience is that if you’re in an organisation and there’s a leadership battle, most people think well he or she is probably the best leader or the most appropriate in the circumstances. And even though you might have ambitions yourself, you probably hold back.

“But in your last edition (of the Times) five councillors were listed out of 14. And I’m advised there may be another couple…

“Then throw in people in the community who might put their hand up, it’s going to be a bit of a Melbourne Cup field and it could go anyway.”

He said he was supporting Cr Re by agreeing to have her poster in his front yard.

“We need somebody there who is going to speak up for the ratepayers,” he said.