U-turn call on speed humps

Stirling councillor David Michael inspects the traffic humps in Beryl Street. d416390
Stirling councillor David Michael inspects the traffic humps in Beryl Street. d416390

After leading a petition in 2004 that resulted in the installation of the $42,000 speed humps in Beryl Street in Balcatta, Maria Meleca is now calling for their removal.

Ms Meleca said she had not been able to sleep after a set of speed humps were installed in front of her house in 2012, adding she didn’t think the street needed them anymore.

‘They’re causing more danger than what they’re worth,’ Ms Meleca said.

‘We don’t get as many hoons here any more, it’s just settled down.’

In Ms Meleca’s 2004 petition for action against hooning, which received 66 signatures and was the catalyst for action on the street, she called for action before someone was killed.

‘We have now become scared as one day someone will be killed, either one of us, our children or our grandchildren or even our animals; we are very concerned,’ she wrote.

A month after the humps were installed, Ms Meleca submitted a petition to the City of Stirling, calling for their removal, stating the installation of the humps was ‘inconsiderate’.

The City of Stirling received a $28,000 grant from Main Roads WA in 2011 for the speed humps in Beryl Street, on the condition they were kept for more than three years or the City would pay the grant back.

Osborne ward councillor David Michaels said he sympathised with Ms Meleca and said he would be in favour of their removal if Main Roads agreed to allow it.

‘In late 2012, I committed to bringing this issue back to council. If Main Roads and the majority of residents agree then yes, I would support the removal of some or all of these speed humps,’ Cr Michaels said.

Eileen Carde said she had lived in Beryl Street for more than 40 years and was pleased with the installation of the speed humps. ‘We’ve had some pretty bad accidents, we had a bloke lose his legs’