Uncertainty hits recruitment

The Stingers in action.
The Stingers in action.

Cr Boothman made the comments during a meeting between northern suburbs local government officials and new Local Government Minister Tony Simpson last Wednesday.

The meeting was intended as an update on the reform process, and Cr Boothman said Mr Simpson had good news for Stirling.

‘He more or less said the State Government will make an announcement on the Robson Report within the next two months,’ he said.

‘He also told us he didn’t envisage any significant changes with Stirling, which was pleasing to hear.’

Mr Simpson indicated the 2013 local government elections would take place and that the reform process would commence some time after those elections, with elected members serving the most of their terms.

‘Mr Simpson indicated the reform process would take between 18 months and two years to complete, and any local governments that are going to be amalgamated, they would probably put in a Commissioner for the last six months, but otherwise he envisaged elected members would be in place for the majority of their terms.’

But Cr Boothman said that until the report comes out there was still an air of uncertainty in local government that was affecting the hiring of new staff.

The City of Stirling has advertised twice for building surveyors, and has yet to attract a single application. ‘I think there are two possible reasons for this’