Vandals cause $30,000 damage to Carine Senior High School

Vandals cause $30,000 damage to Carine Senior High School

STUDENTS are alleged to have caused more than $30,000 damage to Carine Senior High School.

The 2017 WA Secondary School of the Year faced a massive clean-up after a group of people broke into the art department at night on Thursday, September 6.

They used bright red paint to vandalise the classroom, including the teacher’s computer and vehicles owned by people attending a line dance class.

A student reported that they arrived at the school the next day, the final for Year 12s, to find superglue covering locks on most of the school’s doors, a mattress and carrots in the pool, drawings of genitals spraypainted on the oval and trees and paint scattered inside and outside the gym.

Principal Damian Shuttleworth, who is nominated for Principal of the Year at the WA Education Awards, announced to students that the school had CCTV footage of “six individuals” and said the people who had caused the damage would be “dealt with by the full extent of the law”.

He said many Year 12 students were upset by the vandalism and he believed the offenders did not represent the school leavers.

An Education Department spokeswoman said the school reported the incident to police.

Scarborough Police Senior Sergeant Craig Wanstall confirmed they were investigating.

To help, call Crime Stoppers, or to report suspicious behaviour at a school out of hours, call School Watch Security on 1800 177 777 or police on 131 444.