Victorious Liberals accused of leaving rubbish behind

Photo: Carmen Stobaus
Photo: Carmen Stobaus

LIBERAL Party volunteers have been criticised for leaving advertising materials and rubbish behind at a Dianella polling place.

Ballajura resident Carmen Stobaus said when she visited Dianella Scout and Guide Hall on Sunday, it appeared none of the Liberal Party materials had been removed.

“(I) noticed that while all of the Greens paraphernalia had disappeared, and only three Labor corflutes had been missed – one of them too big to fit into the volunteers car – but as far as I could tell, Liberals had not taken any of their rubbish with them,” she said.

“I called the office of (Liberal candidate) Vince Connelly to no avail.

“They didn’t even take their card table or used coffee cups.”

Photo: Carmen Stobaus

Ms Stobaus returned to the hall after noon today and saw “trees wrapped in plastic, soft plastic blowing in the wind…a box of how to vote Liberal leaflets and their used coffee cups.”

She said she contacted Mr Connelly’s office and the City of Stirling, which sent a ranger to the venue.

Ms Stobaus was concerned about the materials still being there when the Girl Guides group meets tonight., which her daughters are part of.

“They recently spent a whole public holiday cleaning up this Dianella Open Space area for Clean Up Australia Day,” she said.

Responding to Community News’ request for comment, a spokesman for Mr Connelly’s campaign said the material had been promptly removed by volunteers.

He also provided photos of Labor materials also left at the Dianella hall.

A campaign spokesman for Mr Connelly said Labor also left election materials behind at the Dianella hall.