Way clear for three-bin system

Under the new system, most households will receive a 140-litre general waste bin with a red lid, two 240-litre bins for garden waste (green) and recycling (yellow).

Houses under 400sq m will not automatically receive a garden bin but can request one free-of-charge after June.

Cr Italiano said the three-bin system was a win-win for the City and ratepayers.

�By boosting the amount of waste we all recycle, we reduce the amount going to landfill and in turn, reduce the costs for ratepayers,� Cr Italiano said.

The City�s new waste collection system includes changes to verge collections, with green waste verge collections increasing from an annual service to a nine-month cycle.

Cr Italiano called on residents to think about how they can contribute to the new bin system and help increase recycling efforts across the City.

�It would be great if residents could consider how they might like to sort the rubbish inside their home before popping it into the different bins,� he said. The City recently launched the www.mynewbins.com.au website to provide more information to residents.

Red lid garbage bin: weekly collection for general household rubbish such as food scraps and nappies.

Yellow lid recycling bin: fortnightly collection for paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal containers.

Green lid garden waste bin: collected fortnightly and used for garden waste including prunings, lawn clippings, weeds and small branches.