Wire fence ‘eyesore’ around school is stopped

Carine SHS Principal Damian Shuttleworth announced last month the fence, intended to keep hoons off the oval, would not be installed.

A letter from Mr Shuttleworth was sent to residents on December 18 explaining community consultation was the reason behind the change.

Residents contacted Stirling Times in December and said the proposed fence would be an “eyesore” that would make the oval look like a prison.

The group also expressed concerns about the possibility of trees being damaged or removed.

Mr Shuttleworth said the community feedback resulted in the Department of Education and the school reviewing the proposed plans to ensure a “low impact on the Carine community”.

“The 1.2m chain mesh fence proposed for the school ovals will not be installed at this point,” he said. “We will erect the fence line in such a way that as few trees as possible will need to be removed.

“We will secure the bollards in the student car park and any other loose bollards around the oval in the hope that this will suffice to protect the ovals from any future damage.”

Mr Shuttleworth thanked community members for their feedback and said the proposed student car park would not go ahead.

“The community consultation has been a tremendous process, resulting in positive measures being taken to the benefit of all parties,” he said.