Accept the facts

SORRY to disappoint Wayne Monks but I’m not into his conspiracies. His response letter in last week’s edition headlined ‘What ‘plans’?’, waffles way off subject.

Mr Monks seems oblivious to what is happening around the place suggesting, in my view, contributing to why he lost the last Doubleview Ward election.

Here’s the answer to calm his stated suspense about the big plans for Doubleview. My source is Stirling Council Minutes, November 22, 2011 Item 10.2 (Traffic Management Issues for Scarborough Beach Road Doubleview) where council endorsed option 2.

It includes diagram pictures of the magnificent concept through the Doubleview Commercial Precinct.

It’s been on Stirling’s books for well over a decade. The previous plan was shelved because of bus lane specification changes.

Sadly, the new concept endorsed on November 2011 and reported in the Stirling Times was revoked at council’s next meeting.

Answering Mr Monks’ further question about light rail; no I’m not privy to any inner circle but read many public records about long-term, light rail to Scarborough Beach.

Two ready references are the Times‘ September 19 edition last year and The West Australian‘s edition of June 27, 2011.

Other important long-term projects are the State-involved alliance for the enormous Stirling City Centre, reported in the Times, as is Scarborough Beach Precinct now taken over by the State’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority. In addition, there is the Western Australian Planning Commission’s Directions 2031 SBR Activity Corridor Framework.

It’s time to stop your waffle Mr Monks; accept facts and redirect your talents in a positive manner to Stirling council getting it to revisit its Doubleview Concept.

Sid Breeden, Scarborough