Actions impressed

MAY I respond to Julie Watts’ criticism of the Stirling council’s approach to trees (Precious trees disregarded, Times, July 1).

I feel Ms Watts is being extremely harsh in stating the City of Stirling ‘shows a wanton disregard for the preservation of trees in all of its localities.”

As Carine residents for some 22 years, we have occasionally had reasons to speak out about various council issues but on this subject, I feel it only fair to relate our experience.

In August last year, we noticed some small holes had appeared in the trunk of one of the old tuart trees opposite our home.

A call to the council resulted in an arborist being brought in to inspect the tree within a day or two and the council officer also authorised further sonar graph tests to determine if there was any internal damage.

Fortunately, all tests showed the tree was healthy and structurally sound.

These services by outside contractors would not have been cheap but the council’s prompt response deserves praise.

My family as well as our neighbours were most impressed by the City of Stirling’s tree services supervisor’s swift action in addressing our concerns.