Ageless play

THE new Charles Riley Memorial Reserve facilities are a credit to the City of Stirling and it is wonderful to see so many local families making full use of the barbecues and playground equipment.

It�s a shame, though, that an opportunity has been missed to install play equipment for adults.

I�m not talking about fitness equipment � there�s enough of that going around these days � I�m talking about actual play items for grown-ups: adult-sized swings, slides, monkey bars� the works.

China, Japan and some European countries have already cottoned on to the idea of adult playgrounds� and they don�t even have the wonderful climate that we do.

The World Health Organisation�s 2010 Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health includes play as one of the activities in which adults should fully engage.

Having playful fun should not end at childhood.

Come on City of Stirling; build us old folk a slide or two. I�ll be the first one to try it out.

PAUL COATES, North Beach.