Good sport program reduces binge drinking

CONGRATULATIONS to the local sporting clubs that are some of the 7000 sporting clubs around Australia changing our binge-drinking culture.

Clubs working with our Good Sports program are breaking the link between binge-drinking and sport by creating safer, healthier places for families to play sport.

The great news is that we know now with certainty that it’s working.

The results of a four-year university-run research trial provide world-first proof of a community sports program reducing alcohol-related harm.

Good Sports reduces the likelihood of risky drinking at sports clubs by 37 per cent and the risk of alcohol-related harm to club members by 42 per cent.

Alcohol harm costs us more than $15 billion, hospitalises 157,000 people and kills more than 5500 Australians every year.

A proven, grassroots way to reduce these impacts is good news for the whole community.

Thank you to all the local Good Sports clubs partnering with us on this journey so far.

Together we can continue to help community sport thrive, and reduce alcohol-related harm across Australia.

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chief executive,

Australian Drug Foundation.