Be warned

IN response to April 2 edition report headlined ‘City turns other cheek to church activities’, Scarborough Baptist Church eventually took the matter of objection to the disturbances created by it to the State Administrative Tribunal, complete with legal representation.

The neighbouring residents had the City of Stirling to defend their rights.

The matter did not proceed to full tribunal hearing with the opportunity for involved residents to have some impact input in the tribunal hearing.

We are not, apparently, of numbers high enough to warrant any more time and money to defend our right to peace and safety in and around our homes.

One must ask how in the first place did the City allow this situation to even develop? Where was the due diligence and duty of care to the ratepayers at the time of approval of the expanding business-like activities of this church group to ensure the protection of our basic right to peace and safety in and around our homes?

Let our situation be a warning to every ratepayer and citizen in the City of Stirling.

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