WAYNE Monks has made a number of claims that are inaccurate with regard to the aquatic centre at Hamersley Golf Course.

The claim of no consultation with respect to Hamersley golfers is untrue. Consultation has taken place and the main outcomes were to retain an 18-hole course and the overall par.

The numerous independent golfing groups were invited to a meeting held at the function room within the tavern itself.

It is also wrong that Scarborough Beach was ignored. In fact it was part of a number of sites that were examined and discussed within the community stakeholder working group.

The final determination for the Hamersley golf course site was supported by both the community reference group and the council.

The claim that people who support the aquatic centre have no environmental values or empathy with our local fauna and flora is nonsense.

These are the same people who support our large tracks of environmentally zoned coastal reserves.

Hamersley Golf Course is zoned for a number of different recreational uses. Obviously this includes a golf complex but also an aquatic facility, which is in accordance with the Metropolitan Regional Scheme.

The claim that there is no social dividend is also wrong. Just visit any aquatic facility and the social dividend is obvious ” this is one of the main reasons that local governments build such facilities.

The concept of an ocean pool is totally different to that of an aquatic centre, with the likes of the Terry Tyzack facility as an example.

In fact, with two aquatic facilities serving eastern suburban ratepayers there is a sound case for both an aquatic centre and an ocean pool at Scarborough Beach.

I do agree with Mr Monks that $49 million is not a goer and the ratepayers at the special electors’ meeting are in agreement with their motion of a $35 million budget, which is a similar expenditure to that of the Terry Tyzack facility located in Inglewood.


Coastal ward Councillor.