Contrast seen

I SAW with interest the TV news coverage of the scooter and motorcycle events held last Saturday in the Stirling Office car park.

As the camera scanned the group the background, which was the green area along side the car park, came into view.

It looked like an unkempt, messy wasteland; not an area that people in the Stirling would want to have associated with their council.

I have long been of the opinion that this park area needs some maintenance and should be planted out in a similar manner to the Stirling Civic Gardens on the other side of the road.

It has now also become a dumping ground for tree waste, which is being mulched on site.

Trucks cross it daily and whip up dust and dry grass.

As you drive along the road from the train station, you are greeted by two vastly different areas ” one beautifully landscaped park and the other a shabby mess.

Obviously, the views from the council offices are over Civic Gardens.

Kaye Gillies, Stirling