Costly progress

PETER Fajdiga (Plot absurd, Times, July 23), W. Smith (Numbers few, Times, July 30) and Vince Furfaro, as vocal community members have commented on the proposed coastal (Karrinyup on the coast?) aquatic centre, that the City continues to explore at massive costs to ratepayers.

In addition, I remind Jill Beaver (Happy memories, Times, July 16) that the Hamersley golf course is not in a prime tourist resort such as tropical Brunei but actually in Karrinyup.

I spoke to golfers at the special electors’ meeting and most had no idea what was proposed for their golf course.

In fact, if it wasn’t for that meeting and Times reporting then many ratepayers like me would have no idea what costs/ plans were contemplated and the social dividend I referred to was not questioning facilities provided by local governments.

As to the comment that people who support the aquatic centre also support the environmentally zoned coastal reserves, then where were they when I fought to save the Carine Tafe site banksia woodlands, which are now all gone.

Moreover, where were those people when we tried to reach a consensus with the sporting clubs and the council over saving more trees at Charles Riley Reserve in North Beach?

The real answer Cr Bill Stewart is in Jane Laws’ response (All can benefit, Times, July 16) ‘unfortunately, the loss of trees is the inevitable price we pay for progress’. If we measure ‘progress’ by the number of mature trees removed then no wonder the planet is doomed with massive deforestation, climate change, unsustainable population growth rates and loss of species.

Yes let’s have a 50m pool but in the right location and at the right cost.

Wayne Monks,

Western Region Environment

Network, Wembley Downs