Councils not needed

We have an elected Government and then an elected State Government: enough bureaucrats really.

Local councils were formed originally to look after the needs of local people. In recent years, it seems the needs of developers and big players have overtaken those of the ratepayers as a priority for councils.

They appear these days to be just revenue collectors.

That could easily be done by government agencies; rubbish bin collections and other services could be subcontracted and libraries and so forth also run by government agencies.

This would save an enormous amount of public money.

The recent history with the City of Stirling awarding large bonuses and not listening to local residents regarding ‘the small stuff’ such as saving our trees (Carine Tafe site) and historical buildings (Gull Cottage) proves it has long since moved on from looking after the needs of local residents on a personal level.

Therefore, do we really need them?