Cruel to cocky

I CAN understand Lana Edward’s sadness at being confronted with the vision of a caged cockatoo each time she looks out of her window (“Sad sight”, Stirling Times, April 26) because I was in the same position until my neighbour moved away.

Despite the fact that huge flocks of wild cockatoos live in this area, he came home one day with a caged cocky. When I told him birds were born to fly, he gaily told me this bird could not fly because the breeder had cut his wings.

For a short time cocky lived on the balcony but when too many wild birds came to visit he was transferred to the rear of the sunless, dark, brick garage and there he stayed.

Imprisoning any bird is cruel and unjustifiable but imprisoning long-living birds such as cockatoos – one lived to be 120 – should be regarded as an act of animal cruelty.


Monbulk, Victoria.