Opinion: Calls for on-the-spot fines for dangerous speeding cyclists

CERTAINLY, there has been very little and very slow attention given to this important community matter.

Most cyclists and pedestrians use the path with common sense. There are only a few cyclists who like to show off their expensive bikes and accessories at dangerous speeds. This is more frequent on weekends.

These cyclists should ride their machines at the velodrome or compete in special events.

No one wants to see a cyclist or a pedestrian killed.

The comments made by Mrs Lisa Harvey about educating cyclists and pedestrians can take a long time to work.

How about getting some undercover rangers, police or whatever and fine the lawbreakers on the spot.

There are on-the-spot fines for other issues, why not for this?

Many children are also using the path and they cannot be on a leash.

West Coast Highway path is a world-class path for walking and riding with respect.

But we like many others stopped using the path last year because one of the ”yellow jerseys” verbally abused my wife for riding too slowly.

The danger is just too exposed to everyone using the path.

JOSE MARTINS, Doubleview.