Decision attacked

This became arguably the most successful environmental program in Australia and under successive co-ordinators it grew from the Swan Avon Catchment area where it started to cover the whole of the State and empowering students to go from awareness to action.

In 24 years, it influenced more than 300,000 students by making them aware of our unique environmental heritage and what they could do to value and maintain it.

Retired from full-time teaching, I continue with relief teaching and I have been asked by my local school, Lake Gwelup primary, to be its environmental consultant. I have had the ‘Ribbons’ people to come to the school and show students how to monitor waterways such as Lake Gwelup and to study the organisms in it that indicate the health of a body of water. In such a dry State, we need our students to understand and value water.

However, in what I regard as the most short-sighted decision the Government has ever made, for the lack of $150,000 a year the program has been dropped.

If those who learnt from it had a unified voice, they would express deafening outrage that would stun the Government.

Yet they are quietly going about their lives with a greater understanding of the environment and a lesser understanding of our Government and its ability to see what is important.