FURTHER to the June 11 edition report article by Liam Ducey indicating that the council had voted that dogs at Star Swamp must be on leashes, I am dismayed at the level of irrelevancy that the council is spending its time debating and voting on.

Surely, there must be more important matters to consider.

Having walked my dogs for more than 15 years at Star Swamp (and knowing a large number of people who do likewise) all the dogs that I have seen at the swamp trot alongside their owners quite happily without taking off on crazed bandicoot-killing sprees.

It sounds like Councillor Bill Stewart is the only sane man on the council as he also made this observation – well done Bill.

If bandicoots have been harried it may be due to the roaming cat population that seems to take to the streets each evening.

Perhaps a cat-trapping exercise at the swamp may be more beneficial to protecting the fauna rather than more pointless legislation in place without any supporting scientific evidence. Show us the facts councillors: we are not interested in your poorly considered opinions.