Different bonds

However, these partnerships are not the same as marriage, so why confuse the issue.

For aeons, marriage has been the name used for the union of two people of opposite sex.

It is the bond of a man and a woman into a sexual partnership that can allow the woman to conceive a child produced by the combination of the genes of the man and the woman.

This bond of marriage can lead to the structure of the family in which children are noted as the sons and daughters of that family.

No one is discriminating against same-sex couples living together. Two men or two women living together may enjoy each other’s company and have similar interests. However, it is not possible to have a normal sexual relationship here that could lead to a family structure.

Therefore, marriage is a special bond that a man and a woman can form between themselves.

This distinction between the bond of marriage and the bond of same-sex partnership is important to note because these two groupings are quite dissimilar.

Nevertheless, people are fee to choose how they arrange their lives.