Do something

On one hand we have such things as Adopt a Street-Tree Program (“to revitalise streetscapes”), the Million Trees Initiative (“Plant one million plants into the ground, within the City of Stirling boundary, by the year 2020”).

On the other hand 40 mature tuarts are to be felled to make an aquatic centre at Hamersley Golf Course.

In addition, street trees damaged so dramatically by the City that the tree has to be removed, green waste collection where the air is alive with the sound of chainsaws, no tree protection on private land (to the point where my friend is being taken to court by her neighbour because her tree roots are stopping a slash and burn development next door) and the inevitable felling of Underwood Avenue bushland.

Which of these do my children and their friends see?

Do they see the City felling trees, landowners felling trees, and a friend being dragged to court?

Or do they see the ideas and council paperwork?

Don’t just sit there City of Stirling, do something, please.