Facts awaited

LAST month the Stirling Times published a report, showing that the City of Stirling operates a bonus scheme for a group of highly paid senior staff. The 21 executives must achieve 80 per cent of their key performance indicators to qualify for a bonus each year.

Letters criticising this scheme have been published and the council has yet to reveal how much it pays in bonuses.

In November 2012, the council decided to halve the number of verge collections ” two green waste and two household junk were reduced to one of each ” with immediate effect.

This was well after the first deadline for payment of our rates that would have covered four verge collections.

Pardon the cynicism, but was any part of the cost savings (by halving those verge collections) used to pay bonuses later that year?

We await all the facts and urge the Stirling Times to keep demanding a full disclosure of the council’s bonus scheme.

R. VOGT, Carine