Fears ignored

Another example of the City’s stance is displayed right on Carine residents’ doorstep as hundreds of mature tuart and other native trees and vegetation are being quietly knocked down behind wire fencing on the old Tafe site.

Residents should be dismayed at the lack of accountability beingshown. What proper surveys were done and were animals, birds and nests removed before the bulldozers moved in?

I doubt it.

The fence does not allow any access to see what is being done in the name of progress. No doubt, the City of Stirling will say it was out of its hands as it went to the Planning Commission (State Government).

The City made all the right noises at residents’ meetings, as did the local politicians, but nothing much was changed in the plan and the residents’ concerns are obviously being ignored.

Let’s all remember when we come to vote for these people, State and council, what these groups have done to our environment and community.