Fears realised

THE article headlined ‘Rising anger over project’ (Times, November 26) regarding the new development at the former Carine Tafe site now named Carine Rise is hardly surprising.

To quote the developers ‘the Carine Vision is the study of how to best fit these housing opportunities on to the Carine Tafe site in a way that is sensitive to the needs and desires of those who live nearby or otherwise have an interest in the site’.

What a joke.

In August 2008 I visited the site to view Landcorp’s and Cedar Woods ‘Carine Vision ” A place for all ages.’ It was obvious from discussions then that only the statutory amount of public open space was to be preserved and the ‘high conservation value’ woodlands notably destroyed.

At the Stakeholders Reference Group meeting in January 2010 I stated that the structure plan proposal was a sham’