Feeling blessed

On my first visit, I mislaid my car keys after parking and later found them placed in the passenger-side door lock: so, a big grateful thank you to the kind, honest person who did that.

On my second visit, while pushing a trolley on the ‘down’ travelator the trolley wheels jammed and it tipped over, dragged me with it.

Luckily, shoppers below me saw my plight and a young woman dragged the downed trolley clear, which enabled her and other bystanders to lift me to my (early 85-year-old) feet so I could stand and hold on to the then-righted trolley.

The young woman then kindly stayed with me for at least an hour during which time she, unasked, went and collected an article that I had earlier said I must collect from Bunnings and returned it to me.

This caring and considerate young woman refused to give me her phone number. I wanted to send her a thank-you gift but not knowing her name or address I could not.

When I apologised for taking her time she said she was so glad she could help me by staying with me until I recovered from the accident. I feel blessed to have been tended by such a lovely person.

When I was speaking to the security staff ” and I must say thank you to the staff members who helped me too ” I requested that warning notices be placed at the entrance to the ‘down’ travelators, stopping others from taking trolleys on them.

As was pointed out, if I had been nursing a baby or toddler it may have been a fatal accident, not just a bump to my left knee as I fell.