Gap in thought

I NOW have three rubbish bins.

Two of them had stickers prohibiting me from using them until June 28. The other one, with the yellow lid, became a recycling bin on June 28, but before then it had to be used for all my rubbish.

We are the Group 1 area. If we follow the council�s instructions, in the week of June 29, the red bin and the green bin, both of which will be empty because I am not supposed to have used them, will be collected.

The yellow bin is not due for collection until the following week, but it will be full of the general, not recycling, rubbish that I could not put out the week before. Moreover, I will not be able to use it for recycling that week.

Has anyone in the council thought at all about this transition period? If they have, perhaps they could let ratepayers know what they have organised � if anything � to best address this situation.