Going Too Far With Recreation Rules

I HAVE been told that the City of Stirling has developed a slacklining policy.

For those wondering what I am talking about, slacklining is a recreational pastime in which people walk on a tightrope between two anchor points for enjoyment and fitness.

The policy seeks to protect the City’s trees (a measure that most slack-liners fully endorse – after all, it is a tree huggers sport).

However, the policy goes too far in regulating what is essentially a recreational activity.

Amongst other things, the policy stipulates activities such as stunts or tricks involving flips are prohibited.

I wonder what is next. Will the City stop the next world champion surfer from honing his or her skills at Trigg Point, or limit the height at which kite surfers can jump, or stop children climbing trees.

As the self-proclaimed City of Choice, it is ironically limiting the recreational activities of its residents.


Mt Lawley.