Healthy trees sacrificed

Their ‘crime’ was that they were within 20 metres of a new edifice to the AFL.

The fact that the club cannot field teams without the help of other clubs and that no play has occurred on the oval for two months without problems, lends credence to the supposition that the degradation of the reserve to relieve pressure on a burgeoning club is at best questionable.

Why bother to plant more saplings when they are destroyed before maturity?

The trees in question (pictured above) were 30-40-years-old or more, in good health and for tuarts they would be considered in their youthful prime. Tuarts live for 200-300 years.

To equate the carbon balance, many thousands of saplings would have to be planted for every mature tree cut down.

In the meantime, the birds are walking, the humans are sunburnt and the dogs are looking for somewhere to wee.

To the many of the dog walking fraternity, they are a heart-felt loss.