History is lost

AGAIN I watch Scarborough history being destroyed, and wonder if anyone will ever be interested enough to stop it.

The old two-storey building on the corner of West Coast Highway and Brighton Road is now a pile of rubble.

I am in a somewhat unusual situation, in that I live at the same address I was born in 60 years ago in Scarborough. During that time, I have seen numerous landmarks, including Butlers Farmhouse, Scarborough Hotel, Luna Park, the Snake Pit and numerous other important history features bulldozed for development.

These icons were essential to keep, at least in part, to allow future generations to look back and identify how we developed.

I am lucky enough to be able to point out to my children and grandchildren areas of significance that were destroyed for development.

After sitting with City of Stirling staff, along with many others, trying to re-live memories for documentation, this is a poor substitute for the real thing.

Surely, development can include historical features without transforming every piece of ground into a concrete jungle.

How can other cities and countries develop without destroying their past, but we have to demolish everything (including vegetation) and start again.

It is really sad to see the path we have taken.

KEVIN GRAY, Wembley Downs.