Hot Dogs Suffer

IF you cannot walk your dog in the cooler times of the day, you might be kinder not to do so at all.

If you enjoy walking or running barefoot on scorching surfaces in the heat of the Australian day, I respect your right to do so (I suspect you do not.)

When you obligate your dog to participate in such behaviour, I will discharge my duty of care unflinchingly in compelling you to reconsider by whatever means I see fit.

You may not care for these means.

If you have no compassion for your dog, you might instead consider the vet bills you are liable to incur.

Heat stress in a dog is very expensive and often fatal into the bargain.

Please do not hesitate to challenge and report people abusing their pets in this way.

If you turn a blind eye, you are just as cruel and negligent as the perpetrator.

I would like police and rangers take a more proactive role in controlling this type of cruelty.