It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious

Is it a tragic joke that is being played on the world community?

It’s just amazing that so many countries and companies are jumping on the uranium wagon.

One thing is certain and that is the future and peace of mind of countless generations yet to be born is being gambled with and mortgaged away.

Governments simply don’t know what to do with the nuclear waste that has accumulated in recent decades, and it will have to be managed by our descendants way, way into the future ” actually, forever.

For some nuclear waste will be toxic for hundreds of thousands of years.

High-grade uranium will be exhausted within a very few years, and it is probable we will have to revert back to the currently out-of-favour fast-breeder reactors which feed on plutonium, the most lethal substance on the planet and entirely man-created.

Not to mention the fact that while no super-volcano such as Yellowstone in the US had erupted for tens of thousands of years, scientists assure us they will again.

Such an event will not only devastate the world economy and decimate the human species, but will throw the nuclear industry and its repulsive offspring nuclear waste into utter chaos.

So much so that Fukushima and even Chernobyl will be dwarfed.

Were the trend toward uranium mining and operation not true, it would be unbelievable.

But then maybe not ” one has only to look at the traffic build-up in Perth to realise that human beings are fouling their own nest.