THE report headlined ‘Council cool on pool plan’ (Times, July 2) needs some correction. It is repeatedly stated that the proposed pool is in Scarborough ” the mayor is reported wanting, in the pool context, caution in chucking significant returns from Tamala Park into Scarborough.

While many would love to see a salt-water pool on the Scarborough foreshore, the Coastal Aquatic Facility is proposed for Karrinyup, not Scarborough. Even the old Scarborough High School and pool were in Karrinyup.

In real terms, although sorely needed and long delayed, the City has not chucked a lot of money at Scarborough infrastructure, including cost overruns. We’re still waiting for the many words to become delivery. In the meantime, Stirling ratepayers must not be led into thinking the Coastal Aquatic Facility is spending money on Scarborough infrastructure.

SID BREEDEN, Scarborough.