Keep up inquiry

I find it inexplicable that bonuses appear to be paid to individuals for achieving about 80 per cent of their KPIs.

In my experience as an employee, this would have resulted in a directive to pick up the slack or later as a business owner probably go out of business.

In addition, that there does not seem to be any transparency with how much or who may be receiving these bonuses is totally unacceptable.

I do temper this by saying that the general apathy we have as a public with regard to local elections (turnout historically below 15 per cent) does allow for those to elected to have a cavalier attitude to those who elected them (read politicians in general).

As a ratepayer for the Stirling area, I would like to know my dollars are spent wisely and to the betterment of my community, i.e. the Cedric Street off-ramp, Ellen Stirling Boulevard and Scarborough Beach Road area on Saturdays is a planning joke.

I encourage your paper to persist with its inquiry on behalf of all concerned ratepayers.