IN his letter (Photos telling, Stirling Times, June 11), Glenn Adam praises the City of Stirling’s decision to halve the number of verge waste pick-ups.

He states that under the old system, “the streets resemble a war zone for about six months of the year with all types of rubbish spread over the verges and streets.”

Well, the City’s green waste pick-up in Carine took place in the week of April 8 and, now that the council has halved these collections, it will be April 2014 until the next one.

This photograph of the remnants of a palm tree was taken in Holmesfield Crescent on June 10. This would seem to contradict Mr Adam’s view that halving the number of waste collections will result in less rubbish left on the verge.

It is obvious that we require the four collections to be reinstated and it also is revealing that the City will have a review of the new system in December which, conveniently, is a few months after the local government elections in October.

One other point: has anyone received the extra tip vouchers the council promised us months ago?

R. VOGT, Carine.