Mayor gives

IN response to Ebony Hudson (Yet more cuts, Stirling Times, November 19), I can assure her that the City of Stirling’s child car restraint program is not only still running but has also grown beyond a mere free fitting service.

In addition, it has been recognised on a local, State and national level, receiving numerous awards and accolades as well as being recognised as best practice as a community-based program.

I can assure Ebony that when the temperature hits above 40 degrees our road safety officer will be out there fitting restraints free, as he will be when it is freezing cold and pouring rain.

Moreover, our road safety officer will continue to work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities and other hard-to-reach groups, as well as schools and parent groups to run education workshops and provide free restraint checks and fittings.

Our road safety officer will continue to attend local community fairs in the City of Stirling with a road safety display to raise awareness about correct restraint use so parents can keep their children safe.

We all know how a Chinese whisper spreads, thus we wanted to set the record straight.

GIOVANNI ITALIANO, Mayor, City of Stirling