Move rejected

Three years ago, I wrote a submission to have the Good Samaritan law changed to include duty to rescue.

Presently, there is no legal obligation to render assistance to someone in a life-threatening situation, except with regard to a vehicle accident.

I was motivated by the case of a man who was attacked and left to die in a Kalgoorlie laneway. Two other people who came across him still alive, stole his wallet and went to the pub. On their way back they filmed his death on their mobile phones as he was choking on his own blood, laughing at him and spitting on his body.

They could only charge them with theft of the wallet because they had no legal obligation to even phone for an ambulance.

Albie Lyons is lucky he is alive to tell his story. Many others lose their lives through failure to assist. One phone call can save a life.

However, the Attorney-General rejected my submission.