Hamersley resident angry at Stirling council over industrial complex approval

I AM glad they are cutting up the lousy councils in Perth.

After dealing with what I have seen of the behaviour of Stirling council in its “residential” development activities on my street, I am not surprised.

My neighbours and I on Vickers Street, Hamersley are soon to be blessed with the charms of an industrial complex right in our back yards.

In this case, a massive home improvement store, supplying us with the noisy gifts of early morning (and indeed most likely all hours) delivery trucks, beeping forklifts and other horrid noises.

I would like to think that this is only occurring in my local area, but big business greed combined with local council development approvals are affecting many areas of Perth now.

I would bet on it that none of the “higher ups” in Stirling council would approve a new hardware store next to their family home…

John Everett, Hamersley