Not Smart: Transperth Timetable

EARLIER this year, signs on buses and at stations advised commuters of timetable changes on January 31.

One of the reasons given by Transperth was to improve the connection times between buses and trains.

Well, for those who use the 425 bus service from Warwick on Saturdays, the new timetable defies logic. The train from Perth arrives at 22 minutes past the hour and the bus departs at 22 minutes past.

One can only wonder which genius came up with this solution to provide “an improved connection time”.

Not even Olympic superstar Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, could be certain of reaching the bus before it departs.

We know, as my partner leaves work at 3pm on Saturdays but has had the frustration of seeing the bus pull away just as he ran up the steps.

Unfortunately, the next 425 bus from Warwick departs an hour later.

The new Smart Transport initiative has just been launched but the scheduling of this 425 service on Saturdays is anything but smart.

Is it really expecting too much to expect Transperth now to do the honourable thing and direct drivers of this 425 service to wait two minutes and ensure that train passengers are not left high and dry for an hour, purely because of an impossible connection timing.

R. VOGT, Carine.