Opinion: Check your shire’s true running expenses

Shires these days have massive CEO wages. Each suburb that belongs to a shire should check their running expensesto run a shire.

1. Check the wages.

2. Do you need all these people?

3. How much are the running expenses (eg office works,etc)?

4. What monies do you need from State Government (eg to maintain roads, as this is paid by the main roads on your vehicle registration)?

5. What do people think they need and what must be prioritised?

6. Commercial and retail should not pay big rates as the charges are passed back to the people.

7. Remember, rates pay for rubbish collection and what it takes to run your shire.

8. The GRV and UV is not a rate; it’s a tax on your property value by Landgate. The shire picks a rate (tax) of so much in the dollar that is tax.

Someone has to run the suburbs.

Each of you who have houses or buildings, make sure you get the best rate from your shire.

Everybody should pay the same rate to run their shire.

Mario Aneduri