Opinion: City secrecy smells off

Opinion: City secrecy smells off

I would like to make it known to the public and especially Stirling ratepayers that councillor Joe Ferrante is going to Spain in September for two days at so why have a vote?

It was nine votes to two in favour that is 10 councillors plus the Mayor who at the maximum could spend $260,000 on travel.

This is not just about Mr Ferrante it’s about the whole system of perks disguised with other words in the City’s financial statement about free travel (business class) the allowance is $18191 over two years plus $180 a day expenses not to mention the $30,000 for being a councillor isn’t that enough?

Where is the joy of public service?

In Joe Ferrante’s case on top of his massive wage packet and benefits he receives for being State director of Australia post WA and NT.

How does he find the time? The 18th of September is a Wednesday, no problem?

But it’s a bit of a waste going all that way for two days.

He should consider taking family or at least partner and flights in Europe are so cheap now.

Joe the very fact you are flying to Spain goes against the three core pillars of sustainable growth identified by the world summit on social development.

1.Economic: (the event is covered by a book and the internet you don’t have to fly there.) At a time of cutbacks

2. Social: By this action you send a bad example by which others go by you are in a position of power and should show an innovative and insightful way to help the electorate you represent.

3. Environmental protection: I am not even going to start here.

We look to our leaders the people we entrust with certain powers to show the way and we voted for you so go ahead and don’t go, save some money, your reputation, and the environment.


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