Opinion: Margaret Court has sacrificed herself

MARGARET Court’s (self) sacrifice on the altar of traditional marriage and the voiceless child heralds the beginning of a new era in our nation’s popular pastime of hero worship.

Gone will be the days of honouring our great sports men and women and the Aussie ideals of determination, hard work and fair play that they inspire within us.

Gone will be the enduring power of their achievements to proudly unify us beneath a common cause, a common identity and a common flag and gone will be the mighty stadiums, fortified by their emblazoned names.

Those heroes are a minority group that has fallen from fashion.

Even leading a selfless life of charity that has given hope and sustenance to the desperate, the misunderstood and the disadvantaged, can’t save them now – the net has been lowered and the goal posts have moved too far to the left.

There is a new, far more needy, minority in town – and they are desperate for our attention and our worship.

“Progress” – love it or hate it, tradition and majority opinion are powerless to stop it.

Mark Dyer, Rockingham