Opinion: Speed humps cause much grief

Opinion: Speed humps cause much grief

Believe you me Mr Straker you don’t want speed bumps installed on your street.

If you are unlucky to have a set adjacent to your property they will cause you much grief in the sense that they are an annoyance (noise!) and more importantly the potential hazard to your grandchildren many fold – simply by motorists bypassing them via your front lawn.

In many speed humps locations the City of Stirling has installed bollards on peoples lawns to prevent motorists avoiding them.

The CoS can give no clear indication as to the purpose of bollards but common sense in most people should clear up the reason why.

Credit though must be given where it is due.

The humps do reduce speeding but it’s a trade off.

The safety they bring to the street is at the expense of the unlucky adjacent residents and if you think you are being treated with indifference now its nothing compared to what you will experience if you draw the short straw and have them in front of your home and want them out.

I speak from experience, be careful what you wish for!

Therefore I can not see why the City of Stirling does not remove them from where they are not wanted, and put them where they are wanted.

After all, I do pay my rates.

Maria Meleca, Balcatta