Opinion: Why no signs at Hutton Street ramp?

Hutton Street needs a give way sign.
Hutton Street needs a give way sign.

Could somebody please tell me why there is no give way sign or lights (arrow), for traffic coming onto the southern on ramp at Hutton Street (heading for the city).

It was dangerous before the new work was done trying to get into Cape St from the freeway bridge, but now it’s worse!

Cars just don’t allow you to get into the left lane from the bridge to turn into Cape Street.

With the longer “run on” that’s just been completed, cars are moving faster.

I notice most other on ramps have either a give way sign or a red/green arrow to allow bridge traffic to move safely.

Surely at the very least a give way sign is appropriate, preferably a traffic light arrow to allow the safe movement of bridge traffic.

A lot of money has just been spent, why wasn’t this considered.

Dianne Grant, Osborne Park