Path speed is alarming

THE comments by Peter Bartlett on behalf of the Bicycle Transport Alliance that speed limits on the shared path on West Coast Drive were unnecessary is of concern (Times, September 1).

The data collected since 2009 provides considerable evidence of a significant number of cyclists, although a minority, engaging in high-risk behaviour toward both themselves and pedestrians.

It is alarming to the sheer numbers and the speed involved. In one location alone cyclists are travelling at more than 35km/h. This is unreasonable given the number of pedestrians on this narrow and undulating pathway.

It is only the police, under the Traffic Act, who can legally enforce speed on the shared path and given that the present enforceable speed is 50km/h, this represents an unnecessary risk to pedestrians.

In fairness to the Bicycle Transport Alliance, the concerns over West Coast Drive as a safe cycle environment are spot on. About two years ago a meeting with State Government representatives and others seeking support for approved changes to West Coast Drive resulted in no positive outcome.

The way forward is to have the State Government via the Commission for Main Roads WA agree to the installation of legally enforceable speed zone signs, limiting the speed on the shared path.

In addition, approval by the relevant State Government agencies to modify West Coast Drive as a solution to support cyclists´┐Ż desire for a safe road environment should be approved.

Councillor BILL STEWART,

Coastal Ward, City of Stirling.