Plea for parcel

We sent the parcel to the family home address at Novara Way, Stirling. We also sent a text message to the family to say that a parcel is on the way from Tasmania.

On July 28, we received a phone call from our family to say that they hadn’t received the parcel. We checked on the Australia Post website with the tracking number we had and found out that the family should have received the parcel on July 15.

The family then made inquiries with the post office that delivered the parcel and it confirmed that the parcel was left at the front door early on July 15.

Apparently if there was no one to receive the parcel, the postman was not required to leave a ‘to collect card’ but to leave the parcel at the doorstep.

Where did this parcel go?

This is a plea to whoever has the parcel: please return the parcel with good faith. Your bad decision to take the parcel will be forgiven by us and by the Higher Power.

GARDIA FORT and FAMILY, Irishtown, Tasmania