Scarborough Pool will be an economic millstone

I NEARLY choked on my Weetbix after reading that the proposed Scarborough pool will create 8000 direct jobs, Federal funding runs dry, Stirling Times, May 19.

There is no chance that even 10 per cent of that number will be “construction phase” jobs, and likewise, not 1 per cent of that number will be permanent ongoing jobs at the pool, or directly as a result of it.

“The public told us they wanted this pool” is another commonly stated claim.

I’ve lived here for 18 years and did not get asked my opinion on the earlier proposed Trigg site, nor the Scarborough proposal.

Self-interest would of course have voiced their opinion, and if that’s your only input then of course it’s unanimous.

This pool will be an economic millstone for years, and should be dropped while the excuse of no federal funding is there to grab at.

Look at the attendance numbers for Bold Park swimming pool if you want a comparison.

It is a useful public facility, but it is not a money-spinner.

Anyone in Stirling already has the option of going to Bold Park or Beatty Park or Inglewood.

This pool will not “make” Scarborough Beach.

People will come to Scarborough Beach for what it is, and the council is to be commended on the work to date.

Please put the $13 million of Stirling ratepayers’ money back under the mattress until a worthwhile cause is identified and discussed openly.